Services – training & evaluation

Basic Site Review ($180)

I will review your site in depth and:

  • Evaluate the professionalism and suitability of the design
  • Identify how your content could be better adapted for the web medium
  • Find potential usability problems
  • Glance over the code and make sure it validates

Afterward, I will write up a report of my findings with recommendations for you. This is a front-end review only – I will not look at how your website is generated by your content management system.

WordPress Site Review ($360)

If your site is in WordPress, I can provide a more in-depth review. The theme review provides everything in the basic site review plus an evaluation of how your site is set up in WordPress.

User Testing ($360–$600 per round)

I recommend user testing for most websites; there is simply no replacement when it comes to making a site user-friendly, and it never fails to turn up useful results. As little as three testers ($300) is enough to help you improve your website, but five ($500) is better for establishing patterns. With six or more testers, you’ll get better results by splitting the testers into multiple rounds, so you can verify that changes you’ve made in response to the first round are an improvement. After a round is finished, I will write a full report with results and recommendations.

Costs do not include recruiting. You’ll want to ask people you know who fit your target audience to participate.

My user testing service is designed to improve the usability of your website at a very low cost. The results it produces are not statistically accurate.

User Training ($120)

This is the training included in my WordPress Assistance Package and many of my other website packages. It includes two one-on-one sessions on the basics of using WordPress. It’s important that you have a project to work on, and that you spend time between the sessions working independently. This training isn’t comprehensive, but intended to make you comfortable with using WordPress. I will connect you with resources where you can learn more.

Themer Training, Basic ($300)

Themer training is intended for designers who would like to learn how to implement their designs in WordPress. For the basic themer package, knowledge of HTML and rudimentary knowledge of CSS is necessary. If you know HTML and CSS well, you will be able to focus on learning the particulars of WordPress. Otherwise I will connect you with online resources where you can learn more about these languages while you learn about WordPress.

The basic themer training covers using a child theme to make basic modifications to a theme of your choice. Having a project ready to go is necessary for you to learn – most trainees choose their portfolio site as their project, and use the training to put it into WordPress.

Themer Training, Advanced ($300–$420)

You should have already taken the basic themer training or have a similar level of knowledge. For the advanced training, knowledge of PHP is required. If you know PHP well, the price for this training will be on the low end, and you’ll be able to focus on learning about PHP functions specific to WordPress. If your level of knowledge is basic you can still take the training, but it will take a little longer and cost more.

The advanced themer training covers creation of a simple theme from scratch. For this training you can choose a design you would like to theme, or an existing site that isn’t in a content management system you would like to put into WordPress. I can also assign you something, but you’ll be more motivated to do your homework if it has real-world relevance.