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Client: Urantia Association

Fostering study of The Urantia Book and dissemination of its teachings

Urantia Association fosters an international community that studies The Urantia Book. They have the entire text of the book available at their site, and they coordinate discussion and study. Their website is a critical meeting place where community members from around the world gather and connect.

Urantia Association needed a robust feature set. To cater to their international audience, they have a translation system that allows them to display content in multiple languages. The integrated forum and chat system encourages visitors to mingle and discuss The Urantia book. Forms on the site make it easy for visitors to make a donation or sign up for email newsletters.  Event listings display events around the world.

In addition, Urantia Association has local chapters that also needed a web presence. I converted their site to what’s called a multisite install – one installation of WordPress that holds multiple websites. This allows the parent organization to provide the hosting, maintenance, and design for local chapters. Not only that, but Urantia Association can also set standards for how these local websites look and operate. The visual branding of the parent organization is automatically applied to chapters.  To make this go smoothly, I created a modified design that resembles the design of the parent organization, but requires must less fuss to set up. Local organizations are given  a near-complete website with default content already added in.

They are thrilled with all the things they can do themselves in the new setup.