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Client: Sound Support

Seattle Macintosh Support, Training & Consulting

Sound Support is a Mac consultancy and support business run by Tim Hannon. His site was using an old, generic business template that didn’t clearly communicate what his business was about. He decided it was time to upgrade with a custom design.

The first thing we did was go through all the content on his site, and the content he wanted to have. We prioritized all of these items, and I created a content plan for where everything should go on the new site. I put his business description prominently at the top, so the visitors who came to read his Tech Tips blog would know his services were available. His contact information was also placed in an accessible location in the header, in a way that wouldn’t add clutter.

For his new design, I wanted to create the look of a technology website while presenting a fresh and modern appearance. The blue and gray color scheme is typical of a traditional technology website. The curving lines in the background where taken from the Sound Support logo to give it a personal touch. Tim wanted to make sure his site was future-proof, so I built a responsive layout that would adapt to mobile devices.