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Client: Seattle Milk Fund

Fueling Families' Futures Since 1907

Seattle Milk Fund is a non-profit that’s over a century old, and they have transformed dramatically over the years. Their name refers back to when they distributed milk to the needy, but now they provide family grants to parents pursuing higher education. They have a member base that had been with them for a lifetime, but only acquired an office and hired their first employees several years ago.

They were eager to connect with a new generation of volunteers and donors, but their website and branding emphasized their history, without introducing who they are today. So we started by revising their branding to create a more welcoming feel and better communicate what they do. Then we did a content inventory and created a new content plan to help communicate their identity, while allowing them to ask for support and help visitors find the information they needed.

On the homepage, I prioritized content that would demonstrate to newcomers how they improved the lives of low income families, creating an emotional connection. To give them prominent ways to promote themselves, I created a banner area at the tops of pages in addition to the sidebar. Then we set them up with interactive forms to reduce staff time when processes applications, a better blog format, improved social media functionality, and a responsive layout for mobile compatibility.