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Client: Seattle Milk Fund

Fueling Families' Futures Since 1907

Seattle Milk Fund is a non-profit that’s over a century old, and they have transformed dramatically over the years. Their name refers back to when they distributed milk to the needy, but now they provide family grants to parents pursuing higher education. Several years ago they had branding done. The focus of their branding was honoring their history.

SMF logo_centered(Transparent)

However, times had changed. Their devoted volunteers were aging, and they needed to bring in new followers. Their logo at the time did not communicate who they were or what they did. The design was also a handful.  The black box overwhelmed the logo, and the classic gold was difficult for staff and volunteers to use in an appealing manner.

Seattle Milk Fund wanted branding that was more welcoming yet still had an edge of sophistication. Most of all, it needed to visually communicate who they were, especially since their name was now misleading. They told me “Our ultimate goal is for parents and ultimately their children to go on to a higher education.”

I brought coral into their color scheme to make their look warmer, and used a slab serif in gray to retain some sophistication. Then I created a new logo illustration featuring a parent and child to clarify their mission.