Portfolio – Scout Finch Consulting

Client: Andrea John-Smith

Scout Finch Consulting

Andrea John-Smith is a long time consultant who decided to polish her image. She works with non-profits to help them reconnect with their community and mission, and then develop stable funding. She chose the name Scout Finch after a morally upstanding character in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. The mockingbird is the book represents that which must be cherished and protected. I decided an appropriate symbol would be a mockingbird taking flight, because it represents the way she helps non-profitsĀ get off the ground.

I looked for a font that was clean and modern, but had enough character to set her apart. I selected Sansumi, and used a bright teal color to help it stand out even further.

For the back of her business card, Andrea chose three values that are critical to a non-profit’s success.

biz-card-front biz-card-back