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Client: Pacific Northwest ISA

The Good Tree People

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (PNW-ISA) is a membership organization for professional arborists and other tree care workers. They hold classes, maintain certifications, promote networking, and provide information resources for professionals and the general public.

The PNW-ISA website had many custom built features they needed to preserve, but the site has a whole had grown disorganized and outdated. Many years of adding misc resources and ad-hoc tools had created a web presence that was scattered and confusing to visitors. Their branding was also in need of revision. With such a long official name, their membership was referring to them by different shorthands. Their logo was trying to do too much, resulting in a cluttered look.

We started by revising their branding. We created a new color scheme with a warmer, more vibrant look. We kept the parts of the old logo they liked while streamlining and strengthening it. We created new standardized name formats to keep their identity consistent. Then we assisted them with revising their content. We did an inventory of their current content and created a new content plan that consolidated what they had and made it easier for visitors to find. The new branding and content plan went into a brand new design, built to include their current features had plus modifications that were long overdue.