Portfolio – Pacific Northwest ISA

Pacific Northwest ISA logo

Client: Pacific Northwest ISA

The Good Tree People

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Aboriculture has a long name, and when we began working with them, their logo contained the whole thing. In addition, it incorporated the branding of their parent organization. The heavy emphasis on “Arboriculture” from the parent brand divided the point of focus, creating a disorganized feel. However, the cedar leaf was iconic and important to them. It was essential to include it in any new versions.

Old PNW-ISA logo

I helped them simply and strengthen the logo. I revised their color scheme to better represent the vibrancy of tree life, and then created a watercolor pattern with the new color scheme to bring the leaf out. For the type I chose Maxime Std, a font that combined the traditional serif sophistication with simplified lines for a cleaner look. They loved the results.