Seattle Milk Fund

Seattle Milk Fund is a non-profit that’s over a century old, and they have transformed dramatically over the years. They needed a website that would help them connect with a new generation of volunteers and donors. Read more of Seattle Milk Fund.


ESS is a family-run business that sells language labs to schools. They needed a brand refresh and a new site that looked polished, but friendly. I created a revised logo and mobile-friendly website to satisfy those needs. Read more of ESS.

Sound Support

I designed and built a new site for Sound Support that would clearly communicate what the business was about, adapt to mobile devices, and be easy for visitors to use. Read more of Sound Support.


Mythcreants is a fantasy and science fiction storytelling blog. They were just getting started, so they needed a visual brand and site features that would help them market and promote themselves. Read more of Mythcreants.