Why I Love WordPress

WordPress started as a blogging platform back in 2003, but it didn’t take long to evolve into a full-fledged Content Management System, or CMS. Now it’s a mature, well-supported program, with thousands of users worldwide. More than 20% of all websites are running a version of WordPress – that’s almost 250 million websites!

What’s a CMS?

A CMS is a system for storing, organizing, and displaying content online. Whereas adding content to a website used to be the sole domain of webmasters with advanced skills, a good CMS allows anyone to edit content on their website. WordPress is, hands down, the most popular CMS there is, and for good reason.

Why WordPress?

  • Easy to use: If you’ve used a word processor or written an email, you can use WordPress. With WordPress, you can update a website without ever learning any code. That way, your focus can be on your content, instead of figuring out how to display your content.
  • Well-supported: WordPress is run by a large group of dedicated developers who are continually fixing bugs and improving features. In addition, there is a huge community of third party developers who make “plugins,” or software, to add popular functions. And many of these developers offers these features for free! This means I can give you more features at a much cheaper rate.
  • Streamlined: WordPress includes just the essentials out of the box, letting site owners add only the components they want. This means your site won’t be bogged down with bells and whistles you can’t make use of.
  • Developer-Friendly: WordPress is “open source,” which means that developers like me can see the code and even contribute to it. On top of that, WordPress uses coding languages that are very well known outside the WordPress community. This lowers the learning curve for new developers, in turn making development cheaper for people like you.

I offer training in WordPress as part of all of my development packages. You’ll love using WordPress to take control of your site.