One Website or Two?

One of the most common mistakes my clients make is building too many websites. This fractures their web presence and harms their traffic. Luckily, judging whether you need another website isn’t difficult; you just have to ask the right question.

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When people hear about WordPress, they don’t usually realize that it comes in two different packages. It’s easy to become confused by information that applies to one WordPress but not the other. If they’re not careful, they might get a website with when they really needed one on, or vice versa.

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5 Tips for Talking to Tech Support

These days, having a website can mean using the software or services of a dozen or more companies. It’s inevitable something will go wrong, and when it does, someone will need to contact tech support. If you don’t have a professional like me chatting with them, you may have to do it yourself. Knowing how to effectively converse with tech support can minimize frustration and help you solve your problem faster. Continue reading “5 Tips for Talking to Tech Support”

Say Goodbye to Your PDF Newsletter

During any web project, one of my tasks is to assist clients in updating their practices to match the new ways that people communicate online. Frequently, the biggest hurdle is getting the client to move away from their PDF newsletter toward a better system for publishing their content.

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WYSI-WHA!?! Taming the WordPress Editor

Mark Root-Wiley and I presented on using the WordPress post editor for WordCamp Seattle 2012. We showed our audience tips and tricks for configuring the edit screen and editing content. I highly recommend it for anyone who manages their content in WordPress.