Thinking caps are an essential part of the design process.
Thinking caps are an essential part of the design process.

I’m a bicycle-riding environmentalist, a coffee shop groupie, a hat enthusiast, and an all-around geek. I started doing freelance website work in 2007, and switched to freelance work full time in 2012.

What Makes Me Different

I Am a WordPress Specialist

I have done a wide variety of WordPress projects, from simple static sites to high-traffic dynamic sites that required extensive WordPress programming and API integrations with outside services. I often create custom widgets and plugins for clients sites (it’s okay if you don’t know what these are!) and have helped clients navigate tricky transitions from other systems like Plone and MediaWiki.

I Do Both Web Design and Web Development

The design of a website is best done with its technical implementation in mind, and the code should be completed with a mind for the design.  My expertise in both areas allows me to create designs that require innovative or unusual coding techniques, rather than relying on standard layouts. I don’t have to waste time outlining every detail of the design to another developer. Instead I do the final polishing while I code, using real content from the client to judge what they need. This allows me to create a better end product with less overhead.

I like Working With My Clients

A surprising number of designers and developers avoid client interaction. However, I enjoy learning about my clients’ unique needs, exploring their personal preferences and visions for their site, and coming up with tailored solutions to meet their expectations. I am very experienced in creating designs that meet client tastes and business needs. My client relationships don’t disappear as soon as their website is launched – I’m always around to provide support and guidance.